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          TFF Systems, Holders and Cassettes

          Consieve UET Cassette membranes have a high retention efficiency and are easy to clean/install. Available in a wide range of configurations. 

          Due to its design, it is easy to amplify/increase based on specific process requirements. The inner gaskets make installation/cleaning/storage/replacement quick and easy. Low working volume and high efficiency ensure product yields.


          • Biomacromolecules
          • Dialysis
          • Desalting
          • Buffer replacement
          • Analysis purification
          • Endotoxin removal
          • Macromolecular removal


          • Blood products
          • Vaccines
          • Recombinant proteins
          • Monoterpenes
          • Plasmids
          • Chemicals
          • Chinese medicine injections

          H-CFH TFF Stainless Steel Holder

          Stainless steel holder 01-cbt.jpg
          Stainless steel holder 02-cbt.jpg

          0.1 m2 Stainless Steel Holder

          Process development and small-volume parentals production with an EFA of 0.1m2.

          Unique design is fully compliant with biopharmaceutical applications and their requirements.


          0.5 m2 Stainless Steel Holder

          Accomodate an effective filter area of 

          0.5 m2 -2.5 m2 up to 5 m2

          TFF System

          Cobetter is able to design TFF system based on customer specifications

          and requirements especially for Pilot Labs and Process Systems

          TFF system 02 cbt.jpg

          TFF system 01 cbt.jpg

          Pilot System

          Throughput (50-100L) 

          • Specification
          • Performance
          • Ordering Information


          MaterialsPES, RC
          Material FeaturesLow protein binding and high product yield superior flow rates
          PH RangeBroad chemical compatibility: pH 1-14
          NMWL5 /8 /10 /30 /50 /100KD
          Operating Temperature Range4 - 50°C
          Max. Operating Pressure6.0 bar @ 25°C
          Diffusion Flow (Air)

          0.11 m2 ≤12ml / min @ 1.0 bar,

          0.46 m2 ≤50ml / min @ 1.0 bar

          Pressure Drop0.3~0.6 bar ( Circulation Flow Rate 6L/min/m2 )

          TypesAvailable SizeApplicationsThroughputNotes

          100 cm2

          0.11 m2


          R&D, Pilot Production



          Membrane Cassette ;

          Stainless Steel Holder required


          0.46 m2

          2.33 m

          Pilot Production, Large Scale Production

          Pilot Production, Large Scale Production



          Membrane Cassette ;

          Stainless Steel Holder required

          OrderingIn Information

          ApplicationMaterial of MembraneFormatNMWLEffective Filtration AreaIndustry
          UF  Ultrafiltration

          E  PES

          C  RC (only 3KD)



          0003  3KD(only RC)

          0005   5 KD

          0008   8 KD

          0010   10 KD

          0030   30 KD

          0050   50 KD

          0100   100 KD

          001   100 cm2

          010   0.11 m2

          050   0.46 m2

          250   2.33 m2

          P  Pharmaceutical

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