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          It is generally recommended to have a 5μm filter in front of the ion exchange resin to protect the ion exchange, ensure the water flowrate, and mainly intercept activated carbon, sediment and other large particles to avoid contaminating the ion exchange and extend the service life of the ion exchange.

          GUF Series

          MB-PPKP Series

          ②-Guard Filtration

          Pre-OR filters are generally used to protect reverse osmosis systems, but many systems today do not include pre-filtration devices. Therefore, when replacing the front filtration media, all possible leaks are intercepted by Pre-OR filters. In the pharmaceutical industry, more and more customers are using security filters to protect their products from possible leaks. Security filters are pasteurized, so the ability of the filter cartridge to retain dirt and resist pasteurization is of particular importance. 

          HPP Series

          PFSA2 Series

          ③-Tank Respirator

          The respirators of purified water storage tank and water for injection storage tank are often poorly ventilated due to their large operating volume and large amount of water vapor. Water tanks are also prone to condensation because of the high operating temperature and the large temperature difference between inside and outside. Therefore, it is recommended to use an anti-condensation respirator for this type application. 

          H-VCFⅢ Series

          GPF-P Series

          HSGPF-P Series

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