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          Nylon Membrane


          Nylon membrane is of good hydrophilicity, suitable for filtration of aqueous solutions. It can also withstand some organic solvents and alkaline solutions. 

          However, nylon membranes have poor acid resistance, and it cannot filter acidic fluids, and have a long-term service temperature of around 80°C.  

          What's more, Cobetter offers a wide range of nylon membrane options such as uncharged and positively charged nylon membranes. Positively charged nylon membranes are specially modified to have a uniform distribution of positively charged groups on the surface, and their special electrical properties allow them to electrostatically adsorb negatively charged groups in fluids, such as endotoxins.  

          · Meets FDA standard for "fibre free" filters as defined in 21 CFR 210.3 (b) (6) 

          · The use of modified positively charged filter membranes removes endotoxins from water and adsorbs particles and endotoxins that are smaller than the precision of actual filter membranes.  

          · Good integrity and high bubble point 

          · Low differential pressure, large throughput and long life of the filter element  

          · Alkali and acid resistant, temperature difference resistant

          Ramoval Ratings (μm)

          0.1 / 0.22 / 0.45 / 0.65 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 3.0 / 0.22+0.22 / 1.0+0.45 / …

          Typical Applications  
          - Sterilization and filtration of LVP and SVP
          - Sterilization and filtration of antibiotic solutions
          - Sterilization and filtration of physiological saline and other solvents
          - Pyrogen removal