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          • FluoroPV Filters Cobetter FluoroPV? Filters are made of unique hydrophilic PVDF membrane characterized by ultra-low extractables and protein binding. They are specially developed for the removal of particles and microorganisms in applications where maximizing protein recovery is critical.
          • DN66 Filter Cobetter DN66 filter cartridge is made of dual layer of inherently hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane. They are designed for prefiltration, bioburden reduction , sterilization filtration and mycoplasma removal of biopharmaceutical and biological liquids.
          • APSGF Filter Cobetter APSGF filters are made of Glass Fiber membrane and PES membrane. They are designed for the filtration of particles, colloids, lipids and microorganisms and bioburden reduction to protect the sterile filtration of biopharmaceutical liquids.
          • DPSGM Filters Cobetter DPSGM filters use a unique double layer PES membrane. They are designed for the filtration of a broad range of pharmaceutical products and particles, while providing superior flow rates and high particle removal efficiency. Ideally for effective bioburden control and protection of final filtration.