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          Solutions of Buffer Filtration

          Buffer Filtration-CBT.jpg

          In biopharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, blood products, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and cell therapy, large amounts of the buffer solution are used in production processes, which are often filtered in order to ensure the stability of the bioprocess and minimize contamination.

          It is mainly used in chromatography, ultrafiltration, dialysis and other processes. The filtration of the buffer solution protects the life of the downstream chromatography columns and ultrafiltration membranes and ensures the quality of the final product. It is usually recommended to filter the buffer with a sterilization grade filter, but if a pre-filter is used, it can effectively protect the terminal sterilization filter.


          PP Membrane

          PES Membrane

          PVDF Membrane


          PP Cartrige

          Excesal CHE -PP

          Excesal CHC -PP
          Excesal CHT -PP

          PES Cartrige 

          Safetect PME -PES


          Sterile Filtration

          PES Cartrige 

          Corevital SAF -Double Layer PES

          PVDF Cartrige 

          Corevital SMD -PVDF