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          Solutions of New Energy


          Cobetter has years of experience delivering filtration solutions for the new energy market. Our products are widely used in the mixing and coating processes for battery electrode manufacturing, electrolyte filling and sealing processes, calendering and slitting processes, etc. We have developed different filter formats and media configurations to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our products have been proven to increase yields and work efficiency for our customers. 90% of our customers would choose our products after they test them.

          Filtration Solutions for the Pre-prcesses of LIB Manufacturing

          LIB Manufacturing.jpg

          • Disposable Design Filter RK12 Series The unique structural design of the RK12 series filters eliminates the need to clean the filters after they have been replaced, reducing the cost of filter disposal and cleaning treatment, which avoid the direct contact of the fluids. Suitable for the filtration of toxic and harmful slurry. The capsule structure reduces the gap between filter housing and inner cartridge and reduces the residue of the liquid. The inner cartridge can be selected as required, lengths are abailable in 5"/10"/2
          • High Flow Capsule Filters The RK127 is an easy-to-install capsule filter with large diameter. The ultra-high flow design reduces the usage of filter, making it suitable for high-speed coating production lines. Reasonable structural design greatly reduces slurry wastage.
          • Rolled Mesh of Stainless Steel Filters SSPC Series Suitable for coarse filtration of slurry, easy to clean, suitable for high-viscosity slurry. Can be specially customized according to site operation requirements.
          • Pleated Mesh of Stainless Steel Filters PSSC Sereies In the case of ensuring a higher retention efficiency, the filter can be washed repeatedly to extend filter life time. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment. Can be specially customized according to site operation requirements.
          • RK12 Single Round Filter Housing RK12 housing, used with RK12 filter, has a seamless structural design which makes it easy to clean. Drain completely, no residue. Electro polishing can also be selected at the same time as mechanical polishing, with a surface roughness up to 0.3 μm.
          • RK12-N Series Filter Housing Designed for high-speed production line, and seamless structure design makes it easy to clean. Drain completely, no residual liquid, removable disc to achieve full-angle cleaning. It can be applied to most high speed production line conditions.
          • Rotate Self-cleaning Filter Housing ROMF Series The unique wedgy mesh filter structure can effectively remove the rigid particles in the high viscosity slurry. The internal PTFE scraper structure is driven by a motor (or pneumatic motor) to rotate. It automatically cleans the rigid particles inside the wedge mesh after filtration, making it no need to frequently disassemble and clean. However, only need to discharge regularly through the bottom discharge port, which avoids direct contact with the liquid. It is suitable for high viscosity toxi
          • RK127 Series Filter Housing Matched with RK127 filter cartridges, it is designed to be used in the filtration of high-speed and high-flow slurry coating line. Less slurry residue and easy replacement, results in shortening the time for replacement of filter cartridges and improving efficiency.
          • High-temperature Resistance and High-Efficiency Box Filter Cobetter high-temperature and high-efficiency filters are made of low-resistance ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper with aluminum foil separation and the outer frame can be selected as aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which is sealed with high temperature resisted sealant. They are mainly used for high-temperature air purification equipments and systems, such as high-temperature sterilization tunnels, ultra-clean ovens, etc., owing to the good performance of high temperature resistance (long-
          • Multiple Capacity Capsule NPT/SW Capsule Filters can be used with a wide range of volumes. NPT/Swagelock inlet/outlet connections with a connector are available. It is quick and easy to install and available in different filtration media depending on customer requirements and specification.