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          FPD Wet Process

          Filtration is a critical component in the manufacturing process of Flat Panel Display (FPD) where contamination control of air, gas, chemicals and aqueous solutions is necessary especially for GEN 6 and beyond. Cobetter provides reliable filtration solutions for all manufacturing steps which help FPD manufacturers reduce costs and improve yields.  In addition, we provide solutions to complex filtration solutions via our Advanced Validation Center and experience.

          Recommended Filters

          83 Series

          130 Series

          HFPP150 Seres

          HCP Series

          EAPS Series

          ELPF Series


          PRNA Series

          PRNF Seris

          PRNU Series

          PRNQ Series

          PDFA Series

          PSSF Series

          LAFS Series

          LAFF Series

          LAFP Series

          • Photoresist Specialized Filter Cartridges PRNA Filter Cartridges have a nano-fiber multilayer design that provides high porosity which are good for capturing various shaped particles especially photoresist filtration.
          • PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Cobetter PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Filter Cartridges constructed with stainless steel sintered felt and shaped during the pleating process. These filters have a large filtration area. The stainless steel sintered felt is made from stainless steel fiber, which is then sintered under high temperatures to form the porous depth filtration material. PSSF Filter Cartridges features include a graded pore size from coarse upstream to fine downstream, which results in a higher dirt holding capa