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          Cobetter Skived PTFE Membrane is a porous PTFE membrane, produced by skiving process based on sintering technology. The PTFE granules are sintered and formed under high temperature and high pressure molding, then skived into a membrane with a specific thickness by professional skiving equipment, and converted into roll and more applicable forms. It is worth mentioning that the pore size of the membrane has been determined in the early sintering process, combine with Cobetter's special skiving process and professional process control, our skived porous sintered PTFE membrane ensures the consistency of the pore size and the stability of the pore structure. The skived PTFE is made of 100% PTFE material without any additives, reinforcing agents, and no supporting layer. Compared with the expanded PTFE membrane, sintered and skived PTFE membrane can better exert the excellent physical and chemical properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE material itself. In terms of formats, Cobetter offers standard rolls, sheets, die cut discs, connected with adhesives, and various other forms. 

          Manufacturing Process



          For applications in need of ultra-hydrophobicity, high air permeability, high temperature tolerances, good corrosion resistance, out-standing chemical resistance, and excellent robustness, sintered and skived PTFE membrane is a perfect choice.

          Key Measuring Properties

          - Water Entry Pressure (WEP)

          Air Permeability (Gurley)

          Maximum Working Temperature

          Continues Working Temperature

          IP Protection Rate

          Reflective Percentage

          Dielectric constant


          Suitable Assembly Methods

          Thermal welding

          Ultrasonic welding

          Connected with adhesive

          Press fit


          Geometric Options

          WidthLengthThicknessPore Size

          Various slit roll width, maximum 300mm

          Customized length0.1 - 3.5 mm0-10um


          Pore Size
          DiscsBased on die cutting, maximum 300mm diameter discs0-10um

          Other Various Formats

          Rotary cut plugs



          Thermoformed shapes

          Customized shapes from machined process

          Sintered and Skived PTFE Various Applications

          Medical Devices

          Infusion Devices

          IV Catheter, Arterial Syringe Devices

          Drug Delivery Components

          Infusion Therapy Vents (venting membranes for IV spike, IV Filter, Prime Stop Cap) 

          Injection Control

          Reusable Sterilization Containers, use PTFE reusable filter, withstand repeated sterilization cycles of high temperature and pressure, remain stable bacteria resistance BFE99.99%.

          Lyophilization Tray, Bone/Tissue Protection Package, 

          use PTFE lyophilization vent filter, ensure low temperature stability, as sterile barrier with BFE99.99%.


          Ostomy System, Urinary Drainage Bag

          Sensor Application☆

          Sensor Protective Filter

          Sensor protection skived PTFE membrane is designed to protect the sensor from dust, water and other pollution sources, and balance the internal and external pressures to improve the sensor life term. 

          Air Monitoring Sensor

          For environmental gas analysis applications, the specially treated PTFE filter can specifically adsorb single or multiple gases that may interfere the sensor reading, including H2S, SO2, HMDS, organic substances, alcohol, etc.

          Electrochemical Sensor

          PTFE catalyst carrier filter can collect current, and is not easy to shrink or deform due to the curing of the catalyst. It has the characteristics of high pressure resistance.

          In-Vitro Diagnostics

          Sample Analysis

          Regent carrier, Sample Filtration, Wick, Vent

          Lab Analytical Science


          Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) frits, Automated pipetting system

          Specially treated PTFE pipette filter, used to capture and bind specific target substances

          Protein concentration, purification and filtration, retain organic solvents

          Purification and Extraction

          DNA/RNA extraction and purification, Reagent carrier

          Bio-processing Media

          Disposable biological processing media and filters

          Automotive and Aerospace


          Vent for automotive lighting shell, balance the pressure, prevent moisture entering, and is tough and durable.


          Battery vent, safety isolator, easy for assemble


          Engine system vent, waterproof and oil-proof

          Fluid Reservoir

          Fluid reservoir vent

          Electronic Products


          Mobile electronic components, water-proof and acoustic vent

          Flow modulator, balance the airflow pressure in the speaker room

          Mobile Electronics housing

          Mobile electronic products vent, providing IP protection above IP6

          Outdoor electronics housing vent


          Low dielectric media in antennas and cables

          UVC Reflective Media
          Cobetter microporous PTFE sheets provide reliable resistance to degradation, high reflectivity, and diffuse (Lambertian) reflectance

          UVC Disinfection

          Air conditioning system disinfection, using Ultraviolet light reflective membrane

          Air purifier, using UV light reflective membrane

          Closed disinfection system, using Disinfection Ultraviolet light reflective PTFE membrane

          UVC lighting system, using Disinfection UV light PTFE membrane

          Robot and mobile disinfection system, using Ultraviolet light reflective sheet

          Portable handheld UV system, using Ultraviolet light reflective sheet

          Household water disinfection system, using UV light reflective sheet

          Building water disinfection system, using UV light reflective sheet

          Personal water disinfection system, using UV light reflective sheet

          UV Applications

          Phototherapy, using Ultraviolet light reflective PTFE membrane

          UV curing, using Ultraviolet light reflective PTFE membrane

          Integrating spheres, using UV light reflective PTFE
          Architectural lighting, using UV light reflective PTFE
          LED application, using UV light reflective PTFE

          Multiple optical test applications, in photometry equipments, using UV light reflective PTFE

          Industrial Applications

          Fuel system

          Marine fuel vent, Oleophobic PTFE membrane, reduce hydrocarbon emissions

          Fuel filtration and vent for small engine systems

          Industrial Packing

          Covering or packaging material for industrial and household containers

          Petroleum and Gas

          Transmission ventilation system vent 

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message