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          Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane


          Cobetter polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is made of a modified polyethersulfone polymer cast. The optimized asymmetric structure, enhanced hydrophilicity and high porosity provides extraordinary high flow rate and contaminants retention capacity. The product uniformity results in consistent filtration performance. Its high mechanical strength supports most kinds of assembling technologies.


          The high asymmetric structure, as shown in figure, promises marvelous particle retention capacity and low extractables and drug & protein adsorption. The upstream surface, with larger pore size, functions as a pre-filter layer to retain big contaminants such as drug crystals and solid particles; on the other hand, the downstream surface with smaller pore size plays a role as a precise-filter layer, to retent all the rest contaminants. The gradient filtration principle and high porosity (>75%) ensures our promised filtration efficiency.Cobetter PES membrane is also available in positively-charged modified version, providing a solution for protein / endotoxin binding liquid filtration applications.

          Cobetter offers hydrophobic & oleophobic surface treated PES membranes that have excellent repellency to liquids, which is an ideal alternative option for PTFE membrane venting and gas filtration applications where gamma irradiation is used for product sterilization.

          Certified Biological Safety( ISO10993/USP Class VI )

          Fast and Stable Wetting ability  

          <3 seconds in saturated salt water

          Low Drug and Protein Adsorption

          Low Extractables

          Wide Range of Pore Sizes

          Outstanding Flow Rates & Longer Life

          Lot-to-lot Consistency

          Compatible with Different Sealing Methods

          Ultrasonic, Heat, Mechanical, RF Welding, Inserting Molding

          Sterilization Compatibility

          Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide, E-Beam, Gamma Irradiation

          Available Pore Sizes (μm)

          0.05,   0.1,   0.2,   0.2+Positive,   0.45,   0.65,   0.8,   1.2,   3.0,   5.0,   8.0,  10,  12

          Typical Applications

          - IV Infusion Filters
          - IV Set Drip Chambers
          - Epidural Filters
          - Medical Water Filters
          - Drug Filtration

          - POCT Diagnosis Test Strips

          - Blood Filtration

          Membrane Formats

          Roll,   Sheet,   Disc,  Adhesive Backing,  Customization

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message

          • UltraFiltration (UF) Membranes Cobetter UltraFiltration(UF) membranes are engineered for fluid purification or clarification in variety of applications, including concentration, dilution and buffer exchange of biopharmaceutical process development for monoclonal antibodies, albumin, hormones, and vaccines & growth factors. Besides caustic and chlorine resistant, the PES composite membranes combine advantages of superior flow rate, low extractables & protein-binding, harsh chemical cleaning with excellent mechanical strength.
          Hydrophilic PES Membranes