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          IV Filter Membranes


          Micron filter Membranes are playing a key role in drug delivery device to provide higher infusion/injection safety for patients with those functions:

           ·  Retention of particles, fibers, bacteria, fungi and endotoxins 

           ·  Elimination of air 

           ·  Endotoxin retention filter 

          An IV filter is composed of housing, hydrophilic fluid filtration membrane, and hydrophobic & oleophobic air vent membrane. 

          To learn more about oleophobic membrane, please refer to Hydrophobic PVDF


          The hydrophilic fluid filtration membrane is usually PES(Polyethersulfone)membrane with 0.2μm /1.2μm /3μm/ 5μm  pore sizes. The highly asymmetric structure of PES(Polyethersulfone), with certified biocompatibility and ultra-low drug adsorption, provides shorter priming time (<3 seconds), excellent flow rate (30% faster than competitor) and longer filter lifetime.

          For 96/120 hours lifetime IV filters,considering the endotoxin removal requirement, Cobetter’s0.2 micron hydrophilic PVDF membrane with charged groups is more recommended.The PVDF membrane are surface modified with positive groups which could effectively adsorb negatively charged endotoxin.

          To learn more about oleophobic membrane, please refer to Hydrophobic PVDF


          The hydrophobic air vent membrane is usually PTFE membrane with 0.02μm /0.1μm /0.2μm pore size, eliminating air while protecting the infusion filter from bacteria entrance. A wide range of backing (support substrate) materials provides excellent sealing capability with filter housing and optimized water resistance (WEP≥300kPa) promises no leakage occurring. 

          For compatibility with lipids or alcohol-based medicine (chemotherapeutics) delivery venting, oleophobic version PTFE membrane is recommended. To learn more about oleophobic membrane, please refer to Oleophobic PTFE Membrane.

          The Superiorities of Cobetter IV Filter Membranes

          High-Flow Fluids Membrane (PES)

          ·  Available pore size: 0.2μm / 1.2μm / 3μm / 5μm

          ·  Compliance with regulatory requirements: 

              - 0.2μm: ASTM F838 Standard Test Method for Determining Bacterial Retention of Membrane Filters Utilized for Liquid Filtration;

              - 1.2μm: Candida albicans Bacterial Challenge in Lipids Solution;

          ·  Highly asymmetric structure provides excellent flow rate and longer filter life  

          ·  Extremely low drug adsorption 

          ·  Biocompatibility certified - ISO 10993 

          Bacterial-Proof Air Vent Membrane (PTFE) 

          ·  Available pore size: 0.02μm / 0.1μm / 0.2μm

          ·  Eliminates the air quickly with minimal priming time 

          ·  High water resistance, no leakage 

          ·  Excellent sealing capability with filter housing 

          ·  Compatible with lipids and alcohol-based solutions (oleophobic version)

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message