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          Air Stop Filter Membrane


          In modern infusion therapy, an air stop filter membrane or IV filter is recommended within an infusion line, to increase infusion safety and decrease nurses’ workload.

          An air stop filter membrane is a highly hydrophilic porous disc membrane welded on the bottom of a drip chamber, the instant wetting ability active the membrane as an infusion flux filter once it contacts fluids, and the 5μm -15μm pore size range prevents air bubbles/particles/crystals from being injected into patients.

          When the drip container runs empty, the surface tension of liquid within the porous structure of wet membrane automatically stops the flux, and form a fluid protection surface to protect the downstream infusion line from air entrance.

          The Superiorities of Cobetter Air Stop Filter Membrane:

          • Available Pore Size : 5μm-15μm

          • Particle Barrier : Particle Retention Efficiency >97% @ 5μm

          • Air Barrier : Keeps Removing Air Bubbles Once Wetted 

          • Auto Stop Function : Infusion Stops Once the Drip Chamber is Empty 

          • High Flow Rate : Minimum 320 ml / min*cm2@10kPa 

          • Optimizing Hydrophilic : Less Priming Time 

          • Lipid Infusions Compatible : High porosity structure 

          • Excellent Welding Compatibility : Ultrasonic, Thermal, Co-molding

            For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message