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          Leukodepletion Filter Membrane


          Cobetter Leuko-Depletion Membrane is an enhanced leukocyte removal medium for in-line whole blood filtration and molecular/genetic diagnosis applications. The WBC removal membrane, with a graded filtration structure, is composed of 4+4 layers of nanofiber media from pre-filtration layer to fine-filtration layer (as shown in SEM, generally speaking, a nanofiber refers to those fibers with diameter smaller than 1 micron), and has 40% more porosity than regular melt-blown media with higher through-put and shorter filtration duration.  

          The combination of high hydrophilicity and refined fibrous matrix optimizes the overall flow rate and WBC removal rate. The controlled manufacturing process and environmental cleanness promise the leukocyte filter membrane is on shelf ready for use with certified biological safety. 


          · 4 Pre-Filter Layers + 4 Fine-Filter Layers ( Alternative Combination of 3+5 / 2+6, or Customization)

          · Thickness Around 3mm

          The Superiorities of Cobetter Leuko-Depletion Membrane

          · Ready for Use: Biological Safety (GB/T 14233.2  &  GB/T 16886)

          · WBC Removal Rate > 99%

          · RBC Recovery Rate > 90%

          · Hemolysis Rate: 0.033%--0.064%

          · Less Filter Housing Hold-Up & Shorter Filtration Time

          · Extended Filter Life


          · Leukocyte Removal Blood Bag

          · Molecular Diagnostics

          · Cell Separation for Cell Therapy

          · DNA Preparation Prior to PCR

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message