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          Ultrafiltration Membrane(PES)


          Cobetter UltraFiltration (UF) membranes are engineered for fluid purification or clarification in variety of applications, including concentration, dilution and buffer exchange of biopharmaceutical process development for monoclonal antibodies, albumin, hormones, and vaccines growth factors. Besides caustic and chlorine resistant, the PES composite membranes combine advantages of superior flow rate, low extractables protein-binding, harsh chemical cleaning with excellent mechanical strength.

          Cobetter UltraFiltration Polyethersulvone membranes combine advantages of 

          • Superior flow rate with highest retention;

          • Low adsorption of protein, DNA or other macromolecules;

          • Harsh chemical cleaning with excellent mechanical strength;

          Available Cut Off (MWCO)

          3 / 5 / 10 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 300(kDa)

          Typical Membrane Performance




             Flow Rate 

             10KDa   1.6   4.2   0.32
             30KDa   2.4   5.2   0.38
             50KDa   2.4   5.1   0.78

          Typical Applications

          · Biopharmaceutical Concentration / Dilution / Buffer Exchange / Desalting

          · Diagnostics

          · Recombinant Proteins

           Membrane Format

           · Flat Sheet

           · Discs 

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message