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          Sterility Testing Devices

          Sterility tesing is one of the most crucial steps in pharmaceutical product release.

          Cobetter sterility test device is a completely closed system for the sterility testing of pharm and biopharm products.It is based on the membrane filter method,however it eliminates the procedure of manipulating the filters.By this means the main risk of a secondary contamination and false positive results is eliminated.A peristaltic pump transfer the sample into the filtration units are filled with media and used for incubation of the filter without any contact to the environment.      

          Versatile PVDF filter membrane 

          Cobetter sterility testing devices take advantage of PVDF membrane,features good chemical compatibility,high mechanical strength and ultra-low binding capacity.So they can be used in both regular pharmaceutical drugs and drugs containing inhibitory properties and some difficult to filter drugs.


          Consistent Performance

          • Pre-installed colourful clamps for easier identification and handling;
          • Gamma sterilized devices meet SAL10-6,optimized design,specific membrane,unique sealing and all closed operating system minimize the false positives and false negatives.
          • Validation guide is available.

          Ordering Information

            Cat. No.Type of SampleMembranePacking


          Liquids in glass bottles and vials


          PVDF 0.45 μm

          1 pc/pk
            STKDT2-PVDFNDS0045MSoluble powders in vials10 pc/pk
            STKDH2-PVDFNDS0045MAntibiotic diluted powders in vials10 pc/pk
            STKSL2-PVDFNDS0045MLiquids in ampoules10 pc/pk
            STKSS2-PVDFNDS0045MLiquids in collapsible bags10 pc/pk