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          Unifit  Microbiology Manifold


          UniFit manifold works with optimal hardware and consumables,especially suit for Ascle ? U filtration funnel and Ascle V filtration unit. It has the same features with traditional manifold besides it is more flexible and has light structure.


          - Whole equipment body is designed with stainless steel,surface is mirror finished and is easy to clean and sterilize;

          Triplet filtering head design can be simultaneously suction filtration to improve work efficiency;

          Filtering head can quickly sterilize via flame for continuous lab operation;

          Filtering head can be easily dismounting and mounting and individually do moist heat sterilization;

          Multiple filtering heads are available for two kinds of membrane specification at 47mm and 50mm.


          - By autoclaving (max.134°C)

          - By dry heat sterilization (max.180°C)

          - By flaming

          Ordering Information

          Cat. No.Applicable membrane diameterDimensionWeight
          UniFit SS Manifold, 3-placeM301SS47mm / 50mm43.5 ×10.3 ×12 cm1.5 kg

          MicroDisc Membrane Filter

          Continuous Packed
          Membrane Filter

          UniFit Dispenser


          MicroDisc Sterile MCE
          Membrane Filter

          Ascle U Filtration FunnelDisposable Vacuum Filter

          S58 Filtration Unit

          Sterility Testing

          For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message