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          MicroDisc Sterile MCE Membrane Filter, Gridded, Single-packaged


          Cobetter MicroDisc gamma sterile Mixed Cellulose Esters MCE membrane filter, is 47mm disc filter single-packed. These per-sterilized, ready to use, individually packed MCE gridded filters are easy to use for operators, widely used as Microbial Testing Membrane for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical industries, Hospital and Clinical water, etc.

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          Features & Benifits

          - Uniform microporous structure contributes high flow rates.

          High protein binding, high recovery, high dirt loading capacity.

          No surfactants to contaminate samples.

          Clear and uniform printing grids, excellent color contrast for easier particle detection, accurate microbial and colony counting, minimizes eye fatigue. 

          Grids are nontoxic and do not inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring sample integrity.

          Individually packaged for convenience and sterility.

          Different sterile options available for critical applications.

          Typical Application
          Bioburden Test and Microbial Contamination Test

          Drinking water, bottled water and mineral water

          Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks
          Routine monitoring of drinking water before enter to the market is essential to protect the health of consumers.

           Process water

          Process Water for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics manufacturing
          Using membrane filtration to monitor process water is an effective way for industrial QC, can improve productivity, speed up manufacturing and ensure product safety.

          Hospital and Clinical water, Municipal and Environmental water

          Using Membrane Filtration method with MCE Microbiological Analysis Membrane, can process large numbers of samples rapidly for Hospital, Clinical, Municipal and Environmental water.

          QA.  How to choose suitable color and pore size of Cobetter MCE membrane for my application?

          Suitable microorganism test by colorApplicationsPore Size 
          White membranes

          All microorganism

          Sterilizing filtration, bioassays0.22 μm
          Clarification of aqueous solutions, particle removal and analysis, microbiology analysis0.45 μm
          Particle monitoring, particle removal, dairy microbiology, retention of yeasts, molds and algae0.65 μm
          Air monitoring, particle monitoring, particle removal, bioassays0.8 μm
          Clarification of aqueous solutions1.2 μm
          Black membranesWhite, beige colonies

          Fluorescent bacteriological assays, 

          Analysis of yeast, mold and Legionella sp.

          Particle monitoring, 


          0.22 μm

          0.45 μm

          0.8 μm

          Green membranesClear, translucent coloniesBacteria in bottled water, beerComing soon

          QA.  How to choose suitable pore size of sterile MCE membrane for capturing and culturing microorganisms in water and waste water industry?

          Test Microorganisms Test MethodPore Retention
          Total Coliforms9222 B0.45 μm
          Fecal Coliforms9222 D0.45 μm
          Fecal Streptococci9230 C0.45 μm
          Total Bacteria 9215 0.22 / 0.45 μm
          Salmonella / Shigella9260 B0.45 μm
          Pseudomonas sp92130.22 μm
          (Psedomonas aeruginosa)9213 E0.8 μm

          Ordering Information

          Cat. No.DescriptionFilter SurfaceColorSterilizationPacking
          SMFWGMC470022Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid membrane filter 0.22μm 47mm whiteGriddedWhiteSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box
          SMFWGMC470045Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid membrane filter 0.45μm 47mm whiteGriddedWhiteSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box
          SMFWGMC470080Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid membrane filter 0.8μm 47mm whiteGriddedWhiteSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box
          SMFLGMC470022Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid  membrane filter 0.22μm 47mm blackGriddedBlackSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box
          SMFLGMC470045Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid membrane filter 0.45μm 47mm blackGriddedBlackSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box
          SMFLGMC470080Cobetter Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE Sterile Grid membrane filter 0.8μm 47mm blackGriddedBlackSterileIndividually packed -150pcs per box

          Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE)
          Membrane Filter

          Continuous Packed
          Membrane Filter

          UniFit Dispenser

          UniFit Manifold


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