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          Titanium filter

          ——Special filter for high temperature flue gas environment


          This filter is corrosion resistant , high temperature resistant, strength, easy assurance of filtering accuracy, easy regeneration and other excellent properties; Titanium filter is made form titanium powder through high heat sintering, so surface particles are hard to fall down;In the air, its using temperature can be 500 ~ 600 ℃ , suitable for all kinds of corrosive medium filtering. It has excellent mechanical properties, can conduct cutting, welding and other mechanical machining, high pressure resistance; Easy to guarantee its filtering effciency, no aperture deformation even in high pressure. Homogeneous distribution of pore size,high dirty holding capacity, and easy regeneration,which can be reused after regenerated.

          Parameter Characteristics

          Filter pore size2μm/6μm/10μm/Customization
          Length CustomizationCustomization
          Connector CustomizationCustomization
          Clean Methodclean gas blow, sonicleaning