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          • PolyFlow? Filter Cartridges PolyFlow? Filter Cartridges are composed entirely of pleated polypropylene microfiber which provides great filtration performance with a low cost. Characteristics include high flow rates, dirt holding capacity, and filtration efficiency making it the ideal solution for the pre-filtration of liquids.
          • Depth Pleated Huge Flow Fliter Cobetter high flow filter cartridge is designed for membrane process high flow desalination plants.The high flow filter is a large diameter, single open ended pleated filter cartridge.. The filter diameter is 6"/152mm, with large filtration area,and high flow rate up to 90m3/hr. It can be widely used in various industries, with less quantity,less downtime for change-out and significant cost saving.
          • Absoguard? Filter Cartridges Cobetter Absoguard? Filter Cartridge is an pleated depths filter. It combines and nano fiber media, provides absolute efficiency with excellent particles retention. Cobetter Absoguard Filter is an excellent choice for a wide range of digital printing ink jet inks filtration, especially for pre-filtration of dye-based inks. Absoguard Filter is an excellent choice for small gels and terminal filtration before coating.
          • Protect PP Filter Cartridges Cobetter ProtecPP Filter Cartridges ard made of thermally bonded polypropylene microfibers. This unique tchnology forms a rigid fiber structure providing final protection.
          • Pleated Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges SHP Filter Cartridges are uesd as a final filtration for gels。PP Nano Fibers outer layers provide high flow rates and milti-layer of super fine glass micro fiber cntribute to high efficiency.
          • Hot Melt Blow Polypropylene Filter Disigned for medium and high viscosity of glue。Using the polyolefin polymers,combined of the features?of meltblow and hot-melt,this filter can pressure resistance up to 8.0 bar.This filter can apply for the filtration of glue with functional particle .