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          • PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Cobetter PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Filter Cartridges constructed with stainless steel sintered felt and shaped during the pleating process. These filters have a large filtration area. The stainless steel sintered felt is made from stainless steel fiber, which is then sintered under high temperatures to form the porous depth filtration material. PSSF Filter Cartridges features include a graded pore size from coarse upstream to fine downstream, which results in a higher dirt holding capa
          • PSSC Pleated Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Cobetter PSSC Pleated Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Filter Cartridges are composed of 316 stainless steel wire cloth. The pleated structure provides a large filtration larea, which results in longer service life and high flow rates.
          • TIC Titanium Metal Powder Cobetter TIC Titanium Metal Powder Filter Cartridges composed of high-purity industrial-grade titanium powder (99.4%) with all elements sintered at high temperatures. Its features include anti-chemical corrosion, oxidation and high temperature resistance, and long service life. As it is a low viscosity liquid filter, this filter results in good solid-liquid separation efficiency. This filter is mainly used as a chemical filter to remove ozone-depleting substance and for the removal of carbon di
          • CSSC Cylindrical Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Sintered Cobetter Cylindrical Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Sintered Filters (CSSC) with multiple layers of 304 or 316 sintered stainless steel wire cloth that result in superior strength and corrosion and thermal resistance. Even under high pressure, the pores remain homogenous while providing stability throughout the filter. This type of filter is ideally suited for solid/liquid solution separation where there are rigid particles. A long lifespan with excellent re-using properties.