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          As people's quality of life increases, so do the quality and sensory requirements for flavorings, sugar alcohols, taurine and other food flavorings. Cobetter, as an internationally renowned supplier of filter media and filtration solutions, will help you to eliminate microbial influence on product quality during the manufacturing process.

          Pre-Ro FiltrationSterile Water Filtration

          Sterile Gas Filtration

          High Flow Filter

          HF150 Series

            Low Diffusion Flow

              PES Filter

             SPSHSM Series


             Sterile Gas Filtration System  SAFS Series

             Gas Pre-Filtration                GGFP Series

             Gas Sterile Filtration             GPFL Series

                                                    HSGPFL-P Series

             Steam Filtration               PSSF Series & PSSC Series



            HPP Series

             Longer Life Time 

             Asymmetric PES Filter

             APS Series

           High Retention

           Depth Filter

           RMF Series

          Highest Level of Retention
            Efficiency Double-Layer PES 


           DPS Series