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          Distilled Spirits Filtration Solutions

          Cobetter filtration and separation technology provide complete filtration solutions to help customers reduce operating costs and increase product quality and yield. 
          For high-alcohol spirits, selective filtration retains the beneficial components used to enhance quality and removes other cloudiness-inducing substances. 
          In the case of low-alcohol spirits, fine filtration with high interception efficiency is used to improve clarity. This is combined with sterilization filtration to remove microorganisms from the wine while preserving the flavor and mouthfeel of the wine.

          Water Treatment

          HPP    Series

          SGD    Series

          BevClear? XL

          Fine Filtration

          HPP Series

          BevClear? AB

          Sterile Filter/ Turbidity 

          Removal Filter

          NY6 Series

          DPS Series

          APSB Series

          SPSHM Series

          Final Metal Filter

          CSSC Series

          PSSF Series

          Filtration System

          S-SIFThis system is a multi-stage filtration system is ergonomically designed to fit in small spaces and to provide minimum fluid loss. Both the filter housings and filter cartridges used in the system meet application requirements.