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          Bottled Water Filtration Solutions


          As the threshold of the industry continues to rise, the production process and product quality of bottled water is becoming more and more stringent.

          Cobetter has one of the leading validation centers in Asia, providing you with complete services for contaminant analysis, chemical analysis, particle efficiency, bacterial challenges.

          Cobetter helps manufacturers reduce costs through extreme products and continuously innovative solutions.


          BevClear?AB  Filters Series
          BevClear? BW Filters Series 
          BevClear? HF  Filters Series


          BevPure? Filters Series

          BevPure? XL Filters Series

          BevPure? AB Filters Series

          Final Stabilization

          BevPure? Filters Series

          BevPure? XL Filters Series

          BevPure? Plus Filters Series

          Ozone Resistant Filtration

          TefloFlow? Filters Series

          Sterile Gas & Vent Filtration

          TefloFlow? Filters Series

          TefloGas?  Filters Series