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          • H-GCF Gas Filter Housing ?Cobetter H-GCF Filter Housing designed air/gas filtration in biotechnology, chemical, electronic and food & beverage industries. The housings are compatible with Cobetter ]GPFL (PTFE membrane), GGFP (GF media), and Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges to meet the requirements for air/gas filtration. Endcap design of the housing is Code7 (external 226 double o-ring with 2 locking tabs) which provides safe and secure sealing.
          • H-VCF II In-line Vent Housing H-VCF II Vent Filter Housing is superior vent filter housing with an anti-condensation function for air filtration and with stricter requirements.
          • H-VCF Vent Filter Housing ?H-VCF Vent Filter Housing used in food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications to sterilize the air before it flows into the tank, while maintaining pressure balance inside and outside the housing. All sanitary and GMP standards are met. The housing is easy to clean. Electro-polish surface finish is available upon request.